Moving boxes packed and labeled

Packing & Unpacking

Chaos to Clean would love to help you with your move! Moving can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve lived in the same house for years & years. We love helping clients from start to finish when they move but we can be of assistance at any point during the moving process.

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If you’re moving and need help packing, we can also assist you with going through your belongings room by room to determine what you no longer want, need, or use. It’s important to do this on the front end prior to moving if time allows because you don’t want to move unnecessary items if you don’t have to. 

After the ‘purging’ phase is complete, we can help with packing the following: everyday dishes, plates, glassware, fine China, serving dishes, kitchen & pantry items, books, decorative items, picture frames, linens, closets, bathrooms, and much more. We don’t pack artwork, lamps, mirrors, furniture, or anything really large but we can coordinate movers for you if you wish.

What makes our packing services unique is the amount of care we take when wrapping items and ensuring that all the ‘like’ items are packed together. For the most part, traditional moving companies will open a cabinet & pack the contents just as they are. Because of our organizational background, if we open a kitchen cabinet & it’s filled with an array of different items like coffee cups, glasses, plates, and bowls, we will make sure to gather all coffee cups from around the entire kitchen and then pack them together. SO, even if your kitchen isn’t organized prior to your move, we will pack everything in an organized manner so that when it comes time to unpack everything, the contents are organized in categories to start you off on the right foot in your new space! 


If you need help unpacking and settling in after a move, Chaos to Clean is who to call! Our team can come in and get you set up in your spaces. We love helping clients unpack in their new homes because all the cabinets are empty & it’s a clean slate to start with. While we’re unpacking, we will break down boxes and get the trash to the street as well as take away any items you may want to donate or consign!