Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before we begin the actual organizing process, a consultation is required to go over the project(s) at hand, discussing with the client their problem areas, specific needs, and goals as well as taking photos, videos, and measurements of the spaces to then create solutions and systems to help you get and stay organized.
  • After the consultation, we return to the office to work on our design plan. Based on your needs, goals, and measurements, we will come up with a solution catered to YOU with links for supplies to have ready upon our arrival for your organizing session.
    • Supplies aren’t required for the projects but are strongly suggested in order to best utilize and maximize your space.
    • We are more than happy to place your order for you & ship directly to your home or business; we will need your credit or debit card information to do so.
  • Consultations and design work is billed at our hourly rate of $60/hour. 
  • Our current hourly weekday rate is $60/hour per Chaos to Clean team member. Depending on your project, when I come for the consultation, I will be able to look at your space to determine an estimate of how much time is needed.
  • Our current weekend rate is $80/hour per Chaos to Clean team member. 
  • Christmas decoration takedown service is $80/hour per Chaos to Clean team member. 

Yes; for organizing projects, we require a 4-hour minimum. However, for example, if I quote your project to take two days but we finish the project early on the second day, you’re not required to pay for the full second day, of course!

  • We typically work Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Some days we may start earlier or later than 9 just depending on the job at hand but we usually work about 6 hours per day. Hours may vary based on the project at hand.
  • We don’t usually work on the weekends but if weekends are best for you, we can arrange a weekend project!
  • I get this question all. the. time. I can’t give you an estimate until I see the actual space. For example, Joe may have a four-car garage that he has filled to the top with stuff and can’t get a car inside; Mary may have a two-car garage that she parks two cars in; Joe’s garage is not only much larger but it’s going to take many more hours to sort through than Mary’s would.
    • Even if Joe & Mary both had a two-car garage, the amount of time we need is totally dependent on a number of factors. I can’t give an estimate until I see the space.
  • If you’re interested in our services, we will need to schedule a consultation so I can come by your home or business, assess exactly what you’re wanting to accomplish, and give you an ESTIMATE based on what area(s) you want to work on and see your space(s).
    • Please remember, estimates are just that. I’m usually pretty spot on with the amount of needed time but we could need more or less time. 
  • The consultation is extremely important for me to meet the clients and discuss their issues and goals together. When possible, I like to see the spaces in person and take measurements as needed. After hearing clients’ needs and gathering all information pertinent to the job, I’ll return to my office, review my notes and measurements to come up with a plan of action that my team will implement!
  • During the consultation, I take very detailed video notes and measurements then at my office I get all of this information transferred to a document. This document is very detailed and will contain the following: how much time I think we need, dates available to do the project, my thoughts/ideas/plans, any questions I may have for the client, consultation notes, and lastly, the supplies that will be most helpful based on the space dimensions. 

Usually, no. During the consultation, I’ll measure and determine what supplies will be best for your space. In my detailed notes, I will send you what to order and the quantity. If you’d like us to order for you, we’re happy to do so but will need your credit or debit card information. We will ship all supplies to you so they’re there when we arrive. 

  • YES! We love to travel and have clients all over the state and beyond!
    • If you’re out of town, we charge a mileage fee of .60 cents a mile to and from your location from our office. 
  • If you’re out of town, we will do a phone call to discuss what you’re needing help with then I will have you send me videos and measurements I need. We will do the consultation portion virtually but will do the actual organizing in person, of course! 

Yes. For consultations and design work, our hourly rate of $60/hour applies. I will develop a very detailed plan, outlining where I would put everything, the systems I would create, supplies I would use, and much more. The time spent during consultations is very important and crucial to the organization process as I want your job to be perfect and you, the client, to be completely satisfied. My creativity and vision for making spaces function the best they possibly can is part of what makes Chaos to Clean so great! My team is the other part of making the magic happen!

Consults usually take an hour or so but depend totally on the space(s) you’re wanting to work on.

This really depends on your space(s) as well but usually about an hour.

  • I always suggest to clients that we start on the spot that’s bothering the most and then work our way down their list. The cost of organizing supplies can add up as well as the cost of our services so it’s good to break up the projects. Project costs aside, I’ve found this is the best way to do it even if you have no budget in mind.
    • We typically do one project a month for clients with multiple areas on their lists but we can do the projects as close together or as spaced out as you want! 
  • If you’re getting rid of clothing, furniture, or any other home items, Chaos to Clean will handle taking away for you.
    • Items that can be consigned, we take to the appropriate resale stores. Items of good quality that can be donated, we will handle the donation drop off for clients.